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We're Not OK: A Community of Healing

Ep8: My Voice, My Choice
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In the 3rd episode of Season 2, Antija & Justin take a step outside of higher education and have a joyful and lively conversation with acclaimed poet, actress, and viral sensation--Jaylene Clark Owens. Among many other topics, they unpack identity, authenticity, code switching, the CROWN act, and Harlem, NY. The discussion also centers around her groundbreaking poems, "My Voice, My Choice," and "A Black Girl and her Hair-EP." 


Jaylene Clark Owens is a vibrant and imaginative soul hailing from Harlem, NY and currently finding her creative groove in the Greater Philadelphia Region. She is an AUDELCO and Barrymore Award winning actress, as well as a highly acclaimed poet. Jaylene's magnetic presence has graced the stage, film, and television. She is the recipient of the 2019 F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Philadelphia Theatre Artist. Currently, you can catch Jaylene in the role of Rosie, on the new PBS Kids TV show, "Albie's Elevator." Jaylene is the visionary behind the viral sensation, "A Black Girl and Her Braids," a captivating poetic celebration of Black Women. You can find more of her poetry in her debut book of poetry, "AfroPoetic.” Jaylene also co-hosts the joy-forward Arts & Culture podcast, #PoppaPank. For more information visit

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