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“Lots of great ideas for my work with communications and marketing colleagues across our campus.”

“It was such a pleasure to connect with Justin Stewart and Antija Allen, Ed.D. today for their presentation. If you’re looking for some dynamic speakers, connect with them.”

--Virginia Tech

“…as someone who is not black, but BIPOC. Our discussion today really highlighted imposter syndrome that many of us feel. I especially appreciated hearing other peoples experiences of not being recognized for their hard work when someone of mediocrity may be praised for being just that.”

---Grand Valley State University

“To speak with the writers and book editors was amazing and inspiring. When I heard the words "logs burnout, some of our colleagues have been set on fire" it was bone-chilling and it reinvigorated me to be an ally and advocate and protect my wellness.” 

---Metropolitan Community College Kansas City- Blue River

“We're not ok is a powerful eye-opening experience for being a minority teacher in the education system. Being in corporate America you can see the similarities of how minorities have to adjust and adapt to navigate our careers.”


--Frugal Bookstore (Boston)

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