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We're Not OK: A Community of Healing

We're Not OK Episode 1: The State of DEI-Hosts Antija Allen & Justin Stewart
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In their debut episode, hosts Dr. Antija Allen and Justin T. Stewart, sit down with Alison Rodriguez who provided insight on the current landscape of DEI, and the impacts if programming or initiatives are rolled back or eliminated in colleges and universities.

Alison Rodriguez is an actor, filmmaker and teacher focused on diversity and racial equity. She has worked at Bailiwick Repertory Theater, National Pastime Theater, and HealthWorks Theater. Her films have appeared in many festivals, including the Pan African Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, Black Harvest International Film Festival, and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Having taught acting and directing classes at Columbia College for over twenty years, Alison is adept at
guiding others to speak their truth, celebrate their differences, and create stories that reflect their vision.

Alison received her MS in Communication from Northwestern University and is a member of the Association of Northwestern University Women (ANUW), Northwestern’s Black Professionals Network (BPN) and the Northwestern University Black Alumni Association (NUBAA).

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